J-Squared Technologies Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated company with a business unit in the United States to support the North American electronics marketplace.

In business for 25 years now (celebrating that milestone in 2015), J-Squared has been supporting and supplying electronic products and solutions into many markets, including Industrial, Energy, Transportation, Medical, Communications and the Military.

Working with our customer’s engineering departments to solve problems and provide products in a component or sub-assembly form is the foundation of our business. Our understanding and supply of industry-leading technology products and solutions allows our customers to achieve cost and time-to-market advantages.

Utilizing our SAP system for stock and logistics management, J-Squared Technologies works together with our customers’ procurement departments to mitigate supply chain issues and become a valuable partner. Supported by our growing list of manufacturers, coupled with our team’s vast product knowledge, we are committed to building strong relationships with our customers and providing them with the best possible overall experience. 

J-Squared Linecard Fall 2016

J-Squared Linecard

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