YS Tech USA is one of the foremost distributors of electric cooling fans and axial fans. By developing leading edge technology and ideas, applying the strictest quality assurance standards, and maintaining a high level of professional knowledge, YS Tech USA is able to provide customers with the best goods and services available in the electric cooling fan industry.

The DC fans manufactured by YS Tech USA are designed in state-of-the-art engineering facilities to show exceptional performance, reliability, and acoustics. YS Tech’s DC electric cooling fans, a type of axial fan, are constructed from 94 V-O rated thermoplastic (PBT), and dual ball bearing, Sintetico bearing, and sleeve bearing systems are available. Depths can range from 25mm to 172mm, and various DC inputs–including 5, 12, 24 or 48VDC–are offered. Custom DC fans can also be developed to fit specific system needs.

YS Tech provides a wide range of AC fans and AC axial flow fans suitable for all industries in depths from 25mm to 89mm. Their AC electric cooling fans, another type of axial fan, are constructed from die-cast aluminum housings with UL94 V-O rated thermoplastic. Dual ball bearing systems ensure reliability for all applications. Custom fans can also be manufactured that match your required specifications.

Their industrial-grade blower fans are offered in sizes ranging from 50mm to 120mm in depth. Various voltages, bearings, speeds, and airflows are available to meet your cooling needs. Blower fans can also be custom manufactured to work within customer-specific systems. Heat sink assemblies are also available.

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