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Xplore manufacturers rugged tablet PCs for various field applications. They are powerful enough to run enterprise applications with the durability to withstand conditions like dusty air, extreme temperature fluctuations, heavy vibrations, drops, and more. They also feature extensive mounting and docking options, as well as integrated scanning and data collection features that provide the versatility needed to manage information under any circumstances.

These tablets are a great fit in a number of applications including industrial/manufacturing, field services, military, energy, public safety, transportation, telecommunications and distracted driving solutions.

Xplore Products include:

  • XC6 DMSR – Ultra-Rugged sunlight readable tablets
  • XC6 DM and DML – Dual-mode and Dual-mode Light rugged tablets
  • XC6 M2 – Ultra-rugged sunlight readable Military tablet PCs
  • Ranger X – Rugged Android tablet
  • iX104C5 DMCR – Dual-mode Clean room rugged tablet
  • Docks and accessories
Xplore rugged tabets