Wall Industries

Wall Industries manufactures and markets a full line of DC DC converters and AC DC power supplies with an emphasis on modified standard and customized power solutions.


Efficiency and Reliability at Wall Industries


Innovation and Advanced Engineering from Wall Industries


Custom Power Solutions from Wall Industries

  • Custom/Modified
  • Military/Defense
  • Medical
  • Front End Modules
  • DC/DC Power Converters 1-7K Watts
  • Medical
  • Non-Isolated Regulators
  • Chassis Mount
  • Surface Mount
  • 3K-8K High Isolation
  • Vehicle Power
  • Railway Power
  • AC/DC Power Supplies 1-4K Watts
  • Medical
  • Desktop
  • Wall Mount
  • WM w/Changeable Plugs
  • PCB Mount
  • Open Frame
  • U-Chassis & Enclosed
  • DIN Rail
  • LED Lighting
Wall DC to DC
Wall HP