Stahlin Enclosures

Stahlin Enclosures have been manufacturing non-metallic electrical enclosures for over 60 years. They are an industry leader in this field with a proven product performance quality and large selection. Being the primary source producer of all of their own enclosure components being manufactured in one single location, Stahlin is able to provide an assured quality control at very competitive prices. They have a diverse product offering for a wide variety of industries including Energy, Oil and Gas, Rail/Transit and Medical.

Stahlin formulates and blends their own fibreglass composite (including patent-pending SolarGuard") for unequaled UV resistance, and mold their enclosures using the highest processing standards. This provides unmatched protection levels to the structure and colour stability of the enclosure. They integrate CNC and other technologies to optimize the bonding, gasketing, customizing functions and final assembly processes. Their performance standards include NEMA 4X and NEMA 6P integrity.

Stahlin also offers its ModRight and FormRight programs which provide a service to engineers and designers to help them find solutions  where a standard off-the shelf product will not suffice. They are able to make both custom design non-metallic enclosures as well as custom composite formulations in order to help solve problems. Stahlin has both the technology and service support to help with even the most demanding applications.

Stahlin Products:

  • ModRight
  • DiamondShield Series Enclosures, DS
  • Classic Series Enclosures, CL
  • Small Junction Enclosures
  • Pushbutton Series – Inline and multi-hole pushbutton enclosures
  • PolyStar Series
  • Duraboxx Series – Junction Enclosure, shallow depth, D, DL
  • New Sentry Series, PVC
  • N Series – Wall Mount and Control Tower
  • Disconnect Series – Control enclosures with disconnect handle, C
  • Accessories – Various accessories for use in electrical applications
  • Custom Products – Custom designed products for specific uses
Stahlin Boxes