Schroff Cabinets

Schroff is a world leader in electronics packaging design and fabrication with over 50 years market leadership in electronic packaging. They offer a wide range of innovative and high-quality standard products including 19" cabinets, subracks, cases, backplanes, motherboards, and microcomputer systems. As well, they are able to make customer-required modifications through their Schroff integration service.


Products include:


  • Industrial, electronics, network and server cabinets for indoor and outdoor applications

19” Cases, Table-Top Cases and Tower Cases

  • Desk-top enclosures, tower cases, cases with 19”-compatible dimensions

Subracks and 19” Chassis

  • europacPRO, multipacPRO

Front Panels and Plug-In Units

  • front panels, plug-in units, frame type plug-in units, minipac, handles, PCB accessories, general fixing materials, front panel component systems, connectors


  • Advanced TCA, MicroTCA, AdvancedMC, CompactPCI Serial, CompactPCI PlusIO, Compact PCI, PXI, VME64x, VME

Backplanes and Test Adapters

  • Backplanes – AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, CompactPCI PlusIO, Express, VME, VME64x, VXS
  • Test adapters – For connectors type B, C, D, E, F, H, M; VMEbus
Schroff Cases 
Schroff Front Panels 
Schroff Interscale