N2Power is a leading design and manufacturer of very high efficiency,
ultra-small, power dense power supplies. They offer a variety of power solutions for a variety of
products in the ITE, Broadcast, Industrial, Kiosk, Medical, Gaming, Lighting, and Test Equipment

Advantage Highlights of N2Power technology

  • Patented technology delivers more power in less space
  • “Green” by design – up to 93% efficiency
  • High Efficiency means a smaller energy loss in the form of low heat dissipation, and
    hence higher MTBF, less fan cooling needed and lower cooling costs
  • High Power Density means our psu’s are extremely small in volumetric size through state
    of the art packaging techniques, yielding power densities over 15 watts/cubic inch
  • On supply active current sharing and Or’ing Diode for redundancy


The inherent advantages of N2Power’s psu’s provide OEM designers with high quality supplies
that allow for valuable extra “real estate” for increased functionality in the OEM product, while
reducing thermal loads, cooling requirements, and lowering operating costs. Heat Kills!
Frequently, these reductions make convection cooling sufficient, eliminating the cost and noise
of fans.

N2Power continually addresses application-specific needs with features such as:

  • A wide variety of different single and multi-output models
  • Many models with active current sharing for use in N, N+1 configurations
  • Some models with I2C (PMBus™) interface for digital power management
  • Compliance certifications that include UL, cUL, Demko, CCC, BSMI, and others….
  • Low stand by power in many models
  • Capability of doing engineering modifications to meet specific requirements


N2Power has a wide array of power product solutions for the following markets:

  • ITE & Networking
  • Broadcast
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Kiosk
  • Lighting
  • Gaming
  • Test Equipment
  • COTS (commercial of the shelf

As well as many others

N2 Power dl150 N2 Power dl20 N2 Power xl280