IEE builds rugged displays for a broad range of applications in many industries. Their military and aerospace solutions include tactical displays used in tanks and APCs, avionics displays for military and civilian aircraft, shipboard displays for submarines and aircraft carriers and handheld displays carried on the battlefield, all designed to meet the most demanding Mil-Spec standards. As well, their enhanced flat panels and smart displays are designed to deliver critical information under extreme conditions.


IEE Products include:

  • Military/Aerospace
    • Enhanced Flat Panel Displays
    • Handheld Devices
    • Smart Displays
    • Equipment Front Panels
  • Industrial
    • Full Graphic LCD
    • Character Displays
  • Retail
    • Interactive Kiosks
    • Price Verifiers
    • Pole Displays
IEE tactical displays
IEE Green Handheld
IEE Monitor angle