Enerdoor specializes in electro-magnetic interference and power quality issues in the Industrial, Medical and Military segments.

Enerdoor brings decades of experience in high-attenuation, anti-interference filters and can provide the best solution for electromagnetic compatibility.

• Short Circuit Current Rating; FCC and CE Mark Standards; UL/CSA and UL508A Products
• Enerdoor can help homologate your machinery or industrial plant with FCC standards and meet all CE mark requirements for European export.
• If you need UL/CSA and UL508A approved products you can count on shipment within three days after receipt of order

Enerdoor’s  laboratory can perform all EMC immunity and emission tests required by current IEC and EN standards, directly at your plant or premises. They will measure the radiated and conducted emissions of your machinery or electrical installation and offer a solution to optimize machine performance and reduce your costs.


Enerdoor Products

  • Single Phase RFI Filters
  • Parallel Filter
  • 3-Phase Filter
  • 3-Phase Plus Neutral
  • Line & Load Reactors
    • Application: VFD or Servo-Motors
    • Application: Synchronous Motor Spindles
  • Output Reactor Filter
  • Passive Harmonic Filter
  • MRI Filter – Military Filter
  • Active Harmonic Filter
  • DC Filters
  • Custom Filters
  • Transformers
Enerdoor Filter  Enerdoor Parallel Filter